British Heritage

renshaw for website
British Heritage
Brand revitalisation, live project, liverpool
Baking product company Renshaw wanted to rejuvenate their brand, creating new office interiors and fresh product packaging that would provide a seamless narrative for their clients and customers. Their current reception had no link to baking, this was something that needed to change; I felt that the first room their clients encounter should encompass all they stand for – their british heritage and devotion to baking. With this in mind, I created a feature wall of memorabilia that celebrated the art of baking, including posters, recipes, photos. Renshaw’s usual colour palette of reds and blues was replaced with a fresh mix of pastel shades – as these colours were not used by any competing company the packaging stood out on the shelf.

renshaw sketchbook 1 renshaw sketchbook2 renshaw sketchbook 3 renshaw sketchbook 4 renshaw sketchbook 5 renshaw sketchbook 6


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