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"Logic will get you from A-B, imagination will take you everywhere else."
Albert Einstein
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Ashleigh Louise Biggins
Interior Design Undergraduate
North-West England
The Past

I have always been creative in the way I work and think, therefore had no doubt that my studies would lead me towards a career within the creative industry. My fascination with design started at a young age, with my enthusiasm for interiors developing after witnessing first hand the renovation of a commercial property; being on site to see the project evolve and come to life was really exciting, inspiring me to explore the field further.
The Present
I am a loyal, hard-working individual who approaches every task with passion and dedication, for me design is something i enjoy academically and personally. My time at university has equipped me with new skills, new experiences and a new determination to succeed, enabling me to discover and develop my own artistic design style. after exploring numerous areas whilst studying, it is the commercial field my interests lie within, in particular hospitality and leisure. 
The Future
As my degree comes to an end I look forward to beginning my journey within the world of work, as i continue to learn and grow as a DESIGNER, exploring the diverse aspects interior design has to offer and ultimately creating  beautiful spaces that enhance the lives of their users.

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